Why should you choose lifestyle photography as opposed to studio newborn photography?

Here are the top 3 reasons you should choose lifestyle over studio:

  • Genuine and candid moments.
  • Simplicity.
  • No traveling involved.

Read below!

Genuine and candid moments.

Lifestyle is perfect for those that prefer a more natural documentation. I'll be there encouraging and helping but I'll be focused on capturing those genuine moments between everyone. Snuggling baby, calming baby, looking down at baby in joy all within your home. You'll look back at these photos with your child pointing out the memories you had putting together their nursery or showing the chair in the living room you fed baby in, etc.


This session is more focused on the people involved vs. the setup and all the frills like studio photography focuses on. I also do newborn studio so this isn't a diss on studio! Studio is actually one of my favorites. But lifestyle does showcase the natural bond between families vs. posing and providing props for baby to lay in, be dressed in, etc. Lifestyle is also quicker as I don't pose baby much.

No traveling involved.

This is huge for someone who JUST had a baby. You're sleep-deprived, you're exhausted, your body is healing, etc. This is wonderful for those that don't want to leave their home! This session is also wonderful if you missed the "newborn" window for posed photography. That's usually up to 6 weeks (even 6 weeks is stretching it) so if your baby is over 6 weeks this session is great.

A few more notes on lifestyle photography!

While there are sooo many more reasons to choose lifestyle here are a few things to consider when making the choice between studio and lifestyle: your home is the backdrop, I use the light from your home (I don't bring my lighting gear), and I don't pose baby much. I only adjust here and there as I see fit. This style is not for those that want perfectly posed images of newborns in headbands, hats, buckets, etc. I do usually bring a knit out or two, maybe one headband (for girls), and maybe a hat. Most of the time parents are the ones that provide anything they want their baby to wear.

If you want newborn AND studio you're in luck because I'm a traveling photographer located in Houston, TX. You can choose your family photos to be lifestyle and choose some newborn studio set-ups! Or you can do fully lifestyle! It's all up to you! Happy picking!