Why is it important to choose a photographer based off their style?

Here's the top 3 reasons why you should choose your newborn photographer based off their style:

  • Your photos will look similar! If you see a photographer and you love their style, what they're representing, the colors, the props, the way they pose families or newborns, etc. then you'll most likely receive similar photographs.
  • You'll be so much happier. Once you get your photos in your hand you'll be sooo much happier you chose a photographer based off their style. Of course there's other things to consider like your budget, the photographer and their personality, availability, etc. But if you end up choosing a photographer because they're way cheaper and not because you love their work then you'll most likely end up disappointed. You might even end up trying to book with the original photographer in the first place while having to fork out more finances.
  • If you're hoping to print your images and hang them up in your home it's very important you choose a photographer who fits your style. A home is usually a reflection of us, right? You want those photos to go right along with that feel and look in your home!

What is my particular style?

As a photographer myself, I can tell you it's so worth it to choose a photographer with a style you LOVE. Personally, for my own newborn photos, I ended up making a 7 hour drive (yes with my family and newborn) because no one around me produced the style and quality I wanted.

So with that said how would I describe my style?

  • Timeless
  • Natural
  • Cozy
  • Warm
  • Soft
  • Texture
  • Relaxed

I know there's so many amazing photographers here in Houston, TX to choose from so make sure you really find the person you love. There choices are literally endless! If you love what those words represent then I may be the photographer for you!