Full newborn photography session

Momma chose the full package to get LOTS of variety and photos of her sweet boy Kayce! They had just recently moved here and were waiting on their home so guess what I did?! I'm a traveling photographer so that means sessions take place in YOUR home. I go to you. So I did this session in their travel trailer! It doesn't look like it does it?!

Why should you book the full package instead of the mini?

Well, first off, who doesn't want more photos of their baby? So there's that. Mom was able to also snatch up the black and white photos too. There's just something about a goooood black and white. They're intimate and draw so much emotion. These black and whites would be so beautiful as a printed collage.

But she was also able to snatch up all the detail shots too. The fingers, the bellybutton, the toes, the profile, etc. With the mini-session most people have a hard time narrowing down their selections. With the full, you probably won't struggle as much!

SO! I always recommend that package over all my packages. Want more information? Send me an email: littlesagephotography@gmail.com